Texas Tech University


The Challenge

Energy for families and businesses located in rural areas is not as reliable as it is in more populated areas, and upgrading and maintaining the energy infrastructure is costly for the community. Rural communities are usually the last areas to get back online after natural disasters.

Our Approach

  • GLEAMM, the Global Laboratory for Energy Asset Management and Manufacturing, includes the world's only real-world field testing platform of its kind, drawing upon capabilities and research expertise in wind, solar, battery storage, cyber security, and other areas related to grid modernization. 
  • The National Wind Institute draws on multiple engineering areas, atmospheric science, economics, business, and law, among others, to address the nation's energy needs and continue to mitigate the damage to lives and structures from wind events.
  • Thrive! aims to build community resilience and energy independence through renewable energy.
  • Texas Tech researchers are working to create sustainable, portable, efficient electricity delivery through microgrids.
  • Researchers are developing smarter homes that harvest solar, wind, and rain for use in grid-tied and off-grid mode.