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Texas Tech University's National Wind Institute (NWI) is based on a strong foundation of more than 40 years of research and education on the impact of wind on structures and human life.

To bring together All Things Wind, TTU has created the NWI to better support the interdisciplinary research and educational opportunities in wind science, engineering and energy.

Click here for the "State of the Institute Address" by NWI Interim Director Dr. Daan Liang (Spring 2017).

For All Things Wind, consider TTU's National Wind Institute.


New West Texas Mesonet App Now Available!

NWI is proud to announce that there is now a free app available from the West Texas Mesonet Network. Just download the app to get your personalized weather forecast and almost any kind of local weather information that you'd like (including historical data).

To learn more about the app, check out this TTU Today article for more information.



NWI Spotlight:

Group pic of students from Run on Wind summer camp 2017

(Above) - Each summer, NWI (in collaboration with TTU-IDEAL) co-hosts a summer camp focused on learning about wind and how it impacts the world around us. Here are some of this year's cohort...

Thank you to everyone who assisted with the camp to help it run smoothly.


News and Announcements:

• July 24, 2017  NWI monthly newsletter - June 2017 edition
• July 13, 2017  NWI Asst. Director of Education featured in Texas Monthly article on renewable energy in Texas
• July 07, 2017  WiSE alum featured in article by Pew Charitable Trusts
• June 24, 2017  Research Associate earns National Innovation Award
• June 21, 2017 The new edition of the May 2017 NWI newsletter has just been released...
• June 06, 2017  NWI co-founder Kishor Mehta featured in radio's Texas Standard story
• May 23, 2017 KTTZ features NWI's Kishor Mehta in Communicator in a Cart web series