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Atmospheric Measurement and Simulation

three circles reading energy systems, atmospheric measurement and simulation, and wind engineering. Atmospheric measurement and simulation is highlighted

With over two decades of research and service projects within the National Wind Institute (NWI), the Atmospheric Measurement and Simulation research pillar has built a foundation of multi-scale measurement and simulation capabilities. Our specialty is in linking advancements in fundamental understanding of atmospheric science to other scientific communities (e.g. engineering, agriculture, social sciences, and health) that depend on the proper characterization of the atmosphere. By responsively adapting our basic research interests and cutting-edge facilities and technical staff to new problems we accelerate the conversion of scientific advancements to positive societal impact at and across the interface between disciplines.


  • Multi-scale Measurements and Simulations
  • Data Assimilation and Predictability
  • Targeted Atmospheric Observations
  • Instrument System and Sensor Development and Deployment
  • Renewable Energy
  • Wind Science
  • Hazard Characterization
  • Social, Economic and Health Impacts
  • Data Science


Project Examples