Texas Tech University



  • A dependable interdisciplinary energy research partner to university researchers, government institutions and national labs providing solutions to problems that have social impact
  • Go-to place for Businesses, to economically test pilot ideas, certify and commercialize products
  • Training center for next generation work force dealing with advanced technology
  • Accelerate patentable innovations from researchers that can be successfully commercialized, by providing strong technological platform combined with industry insights and focused network

GLEAMM Background

GLEAMM was formed as a Texas State Invested project collaborated with Texas Tech University, Group NIRE & other private players to provide a research platform for academic and industrial research on new electrical grid technologies

The state-funded project ended on Jan 13, 2020. The Office of Research & Innovation at Texas Tech university is continuing to support GLEAMM as an energy research program.


  • Modeling and Analysis
  • HIL testing and validation
  • Optimal dispatch algorithms – EMS, ADMS and BMS for various use cases
  • Development of control algorithms for microgrid/storage/distributed generation control
  • Cyber physical security simulations of microgrid and distributed generation sources
  • Deployment and integration of new products related to generation, distribution and controls in our existing microgrid test bed for testing and certification