Texas Tech University



Resources Software Control Other Storage Loads 150kW Solar 500kW Diesel Gen SNL S wift 3*300kW Wind T urbines 50kW 400kWh flow battery 35kW 82kWh lead acid battery Access to 1MW 1MWh Li-ion battery 2*500kW R esisti v e loads 50gpm re v erse osmosis w ater treatment plant 22kW motor loads with VFDs 20kW Lighting load bank 30k V A Datacenter -high performance computing r acks 2*187k V ar Inducti v e loads H y drogen electroly z er & sto r age O P A L - R T ExataCPS P owerworld Matlab PSCAD Labview R T AC - SEL BMS - V oltron ADMS – Sur v eillant W eather forecasting algorithm Grid forming I n v erters PMU depl o yment 12.47kV distribution grid with SCR: 1.6

illustration of microgrid

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SMART Center Hardware Capabilities

classroomDigital Lecture Room

  • Classroom Computers.
  • 2 Wall mount televisions.
  • Accommodation for 12 students.

OPAL-RT Real Time Digital Simulator

  • The OP5700 is a complete simulation system.
  • 4 core processor .
  • Real-time network size is up to 9k nodes.
  • Non real-time network size is 20k nodes
  • Support both C37.118 and DNP3 Protocol
  • Built in Spectracom Card.

opal rtSynchrophasor Devices

  • NI PMUs
  • GE PMUs
  • SEL PMUs


  • MGM Controls, LLC SCADA Unit

SMART Center Software Capabilities


  • Microgrid, Onboard Power Systems, Hybrid and Electrical Transportation


  • Protection Systems, Power System Controls, Cybersecurity


  • Wide-Area Monitoring Protection and Control


  • Hardware-in-Loop Simulation (Power Electronics Simulation)

PowerWorld Simulator

  • 3 Industrial Licenses
    • Support up to 25k Network Bus.
  • Unlimited Education Licenses.
    • Support 50 Network Bus



  • 3 professional licenses and one student license

Current Synchrophasor TTU Network

pmu communication network


No Name Location
1 ECE117 TTU ECE Building
2 RTC Bottom Reese Building 250 Rm 106
3 TTU Junction Junction, TX
4 TTU Austin Austin, TX
5 ABILBAOHOME Dr. Argenis Bilbao's House
Lubbock, TX

6 DRG Dr. Giesselmann's House
Lubbock, TX


Facility Attachments

  • Facility one line
  • Trend real time information from
    • E-gauge
    • Sunny portal
    • RTAC