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Brian Ancell

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Ancell's research addresses the predictability of important and high-impact weather events on a wide range of scales. Currently, he is focusing on dryline-induced severe convection, heavy rainfall from land-falling tropical cyclones, freezing and frozen precipitation events, and wind power in the South Plains of the United States.

Sandeep Nimmagadda

Stephen Bayne

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Bayne's research interests include power electronics for hybrid electric vehicles,
design of compact power electronics converters, and evaluation of power devices for power electronics & pulse power applications.

tracie mcclaran

Manohar Chamana

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Chamana is an instructor of wind energy in the National Wind Institute.


Donald Docimo

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Docimo is an assistant professor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering. His research interests include control systems and design optimization.

donald docimo

Stephen Ekwaro-Osire

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Professor Stephen Ekwaro-Osire is a full professor of mechanical engineering at Texas Tech University (TTU) and a licensed professional engineer in the State of Texas. He was most recently the interim chair of the Department of Mechanical Engineering and the associate dean of research and graduate programs in the Whitacre College of Engineering at TTU. 

stephen ekwaro-osire

Bradley Ewing

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Ewing is the C.T. McLaughlin Chair of Free Enterprise at Rawls College of Business. His areas of expertise include energy finance and economics, risks and hazards, and the economics of oil and gas. 

brad ewing

Michael Giesselmann

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Giesselmann is the department chair and professor in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering. His research interests include MW−Level motor drives, compact pulsed power distributed railguns, power electronics, pulsed power, and power systems

michael giesselmann

Mahdi Malmali

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Malmali is an assistant professor is the Department of Chemical Engineering. His research interests include reaction and separation processes, membrane-based separation, water recycle and reuse, thermochemical energy storage, and process intensification.

mahdi malmali

Danny Reible

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Reible is the Donovan Maddox Distinguished Engineering Chair, Horn Professor, professor of chemical engineering, professor of civil, environmental, and construction engineering.

danny reible

Beibei Ren

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Ren is an associate professor of mechanical engineering. Her research interests include nonlinear system control methods and algorithm design: robust control, adaptive control, neural networks, boundary control of systems modeled by PDEs,
real-time optimization using extremum seeking.

beibei ren

Alan Sill

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Alan Sill is the Managing Director of the High Performance Computing Center at Texas Tech University, where he is also adjunct professor of physics. He also co-directs the US National Science Foundation Industry/University Cooperative Research Center for Cloud and Autonomic Computing (CAC).

alan sill

Timothy Sliwinski


Sliwinski is an atmospheric scientist with specialties in fine-scale weather modeling and high-performance computing. At Group NIRE, Tim utilizes his experience and expertise as the Project Manager for Meteorology and Data Science for Group NIRE's real-time weather forecasting system known as Herold™. In this role, Tim is responsible for keeping the 1064-core computing cluster that generates Herold's forecasts operational 24/7 and generating new and innovative products that best serve clients' needs.

timothy sliwinsky

Post Doc/Student Researchers

  • Rabindra Bhatta
  • Elham Hojati
  • Sanka Liyanage
  • Cesar Negri
  • Ilham Osman
  • Laura Polanco
  • Konrad Schmitt

Internal Partners

External Partners

  • GroupNIRE
  • Energetrix LLC
  • Dash2Energy
  • Resilient Power Systems
  • AcuEnergy
  • Fractal
  • Sonnen Batteries
  • KeyCapture Energy
  • Lancium
  • South Plains electric co-op
  • Sandia National Laboratory
  • Survalent
  • Scalable Networks
  • Reese technology Center