Texas Tech University

Boundary Layer Wind Tunnel

The Boundary Layer Wind Tunnel is a closed-circuit wind tunnel capable of generating wind speeds up to 110 mph. It has an aerodynamic section and a boundary layer section. The boundary layer section is 6 ft. wide and 4 ft. high, and has 58 feet of upstream fetch for development of desired boundary layer flow.

Major instruments available in the wind tunnel include Cobra probes, force transducers, laser displacement sensors and a Scanivalve system for wind, displacement, force and pressure measurements, respectively. The wind tunnel is also equipped with a particle image velocimetry system and a smoke generator for flow visualization.

Testing has included wind-induced vibration of cables on cable-stayed bridges, traffic signal support structures and evaluation of wind loading on sign structures.

wind tunnel

(Above)- The main fan that runs the NWI Wind Tunnel platform is exposed during renovation and relocation from general campus.

boundary tunnel

The boundary wind tunnel at TTU NWI research facilities.

wind tunnel

A section model of stay cable tested in the wind tunnel.