Texas Tech University

Andrea Button

Andrea Button-SchnickAssistant Professor of PracticePh.D., Kansas State University, 2015Areas of Specialization: Animals & society, social movements, political sociology, reentry & reintegration, criminology, gender, identityCurrent Research Interests: Drift car racing; cosplay; women in prison; campus protestsandrea.button@ttu.edu

Seung-won Emily Choi

Seung-won Emily ChoiAssistant Professor of SociologyPh.D., Michigan State University, 2019Areas of Specialization: Population health, Aging and life course, Family demography, Quantitative methodologyCurrent Research Interests: Racial/ethnic disparities in health, Intergenerational relationships, Cognitive health in later life, Global agingseungwon.e.choi@ttu.edu

Nadia Flores-Yeffal

Nadia Y. Flores-YeffalAssociate Professor of SociologyPh.D., University of Pennsylvania, 2005Areas of Specialization: Demography, International Migration, Mexico-U.S. Bound Migration, Latina/o Studies, Race and Ethnicity, Social Networks.Current Research Interests: International migration from El Salvador, migration networks, undocumented youth and education, hyperreality and migration from Latin America, media and undocumented immigration, and the impact of the environment on international and internal migration.nadia.flores@ttu.edu

Jerome Koch

Jerome KochProfessor of SociologyInterim Associate Chair, SASWMember, Texas Tech University Teaching AcademyPast Associate Chair, SASW DepartmentPh.D., Purdue University, 1994Areas of Specialization: Medical sociology, deviance, sociology of religionCurrent Research Interests: College students and body modification; religion, mental health, and normative behaviorjerome.koch@ttu.edu

Carol Lindquist

Carol LindquistAssistant Professor of Practice of SociologyPh.D., Stony Brook University, 2011Areas of Specialization: Sociologies of Food, Gender, Families and Work, Consumption; Social Psychology; Qualitative and Visual MethodsCurrent Research Interests: Medicalization of food; power dynamics in close relationships; social/sexual harassment; cultural appropriation and colonization.carol.lindquist@ttu.edu

Matthew Loflin

Matthew LoflinInstructor of SociologyPh.D., University of Oklahoma, exp. 2023Areas of Specialization: Offender reentry and reintegration, deviance, criminal theory, intersectionalityCurrent Research Interests: Health outcomes of incarceration, offender reintegration, life chancesmatthew.loflin@ttu.edu

Patricia Maloney

Patricia MaloneyAssociate Professor of SociologySociology Graduate DirectorPh.D., Yale University, 2012Areas of Specialization: Education, Qualitative methodology, Social TheoryCurrent Research Interests: Teachers Cheating, Teach For America, Charter Schoolspatricia.maloney@ttu.edu

Liz Mount

Liz MountAssistant Professor of PracticePh.D., Syracuse University, 2017Areas of Specialization: Gender, Sexuality, DevelopmentCurrent Research Interests: Keeping it Realelmount@ttu.edu

Jeffery Patterson

Jeffery PattersonVisiting Assistant Professor of SociologyPh.D., University of Georgia, 2022Areas of Specialization: Social Control, Organizations, Knowledge/BeliefsCurrent Research Interests: Conspiracy theories & contested knowledge, mental illness & social control, social control of naturejefpatte@ttu.edu

Natasha H. Pusch

Natasha H. PuschAssistant Professor of SociologyPh.D., Arizona State University, 2020Areas of Specialization: Criminological theory, victimization, juvenile justiceCurrent Research Interests: Violence in schools, teen dating violence, use of criminological theory to explain victimization, gender differences in adolescencenpusch@ttu.edu

Luis Ramirez

Luis RamirezAssociate Professor of SociologyPh.D., University of New Hampshire, 2002Areas of Specialization: Intimate partner violence, Race and ethnicity, CriminologyCurrent Research Interests: Intimate partner violence, Race and ethnicity, Criminologyl.ramirez@ttu.edu

Martha Smithey

Martha SmitheyAssociate Professor of SociologyPh.D., Texas A & M University, 1994Areas of Specialization: Criminology, Family Violence, Research MethodsCurrent Research Interests: Violence Against Children, Intimate Partner Violence, and Parentingm.smithey@ttu.edu

Ori Swed

Ori SwedAssistant Professor of SociologyPh.D., University of Texas at Austin, 2016Areas of Specialization: Criminology, Peace War and Social Conflict, Political SociologyCurrent Research Interests: Privatization of Security, Terrorism, Non-State Actorsori.swed@ttu.edu

Brandon Wagner

Brandon WagnerAssociate Professor of SociologySociology Undergraduate DirectorPh.D., University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, 2013Areas of Specialization: Demography, Population Health, Family, Quantitative Methods, Bio-Social InterplayCurrent Research Interests: Intersection of health and family across the early life course, Use of biomarkers in social researchbrandon.wagner@ttu.edu

Affiliated Faculty

Cristina Bradatan

Cristina BradatanProfessor of SociologyPh.D., Pennsylvania State University, 2004Areas of Specialization: Migration, Human-environment interaction, Quantitative methodsCurrent Research Interests: Climate change adaptation, Highly skilled migrationcristina.bradatan@ttu.edu

Jeffrey Dennis

Jeffrey DennisAssistant Professor, Department of Public Health, TTUHSCAdjunct Faculty, SociologyPh.D., University of Colorado at Boulder, 2010Areas of Specialization: Demography, Population Health, Health Services ResearchCurrent Research Interests: Racial Disparities in birth outcomes, mental health and the criminal justice system, social aspects of emergency medicine.Jeff.dennis@ttuhsc.edu

Daniel Jaster

Daniel JasterAssistant Professor of Sociology, Eureka CollegeAdjunct Faculty, SociologyPh.D., University Texas at Austin, 2018Areas of Specialization: Social Movement, Rural Communities, and Sociological TheoryCurrent Research Interests: Social Movement, Rural Communities, and Sociological Theorydjaster@eureka.edu

SaunJuhi Verma

SaunJuhi VermaInqlab ConsultancyAdjunct Faculty, SociologyPh.D., University of Chicago, 2012Areas of Specialization: Critical immigration studies, Transnational migration theory, and labor rights from an intersectional lensCurrent Research Interests: Surveillance/policing infrastructure and its impact upon migrant rights, broader communities of color, and the establishment of a settler colonial state.Verma.juhi@gmail.com