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Note-taking Tips

For Faculty

Instructors, please read this out loud to your class to find two notetakers:

"The following is an announcement from Student Disability Services. There is a student with a disability in this class who requires the services of a note taker. If you are willing to provide a copy of your notes to this student for the rest of the semester, you will be provided with a carbonless notepaper pad that will enable you to simply take your own notes, while an automatic double copy is made. If you are a good note taker and are interested, please talk to me after class so that I can arrange to get the carbonless notepads to you. At the end of the semester you will be eligible for a commendation letter from SDS which provides documentation for your volunteered service. In order to protect the student's confidentiality, please understand that as note takers you will not be aware of the student's identity. You will give me a copy of the notes after each class period and I will then share them with the student."

Points to Remember:

  • If the student needing note-taking services is absent, sleeps during class, or misses over ½ the class due to tardiness, that student is NOT eligible to receive supplemental notes for that day.
  • Alternately, the notetaker can takes notes on a laptop and email them to you to be forwarded to the student needing services. This ensures confidentiality.
  • If you use lecture notes or Power Point presentations regularly, you may give the student a copy PRIOR to the lecture.
  • Notes must be made available to the student within 24 hours of the class period.

Note-taking Tips for Student Volunteers

Student Disability Services