Texas Tech University

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the Learning Center?

  • The Learning Center is a FREE tutoring service at TTU for undergraduate students.

Who can use the Learning Center?

  • Currently enrolled TTU students who pay the Student Services fee (all undergraduates).

Do I need to make an appointment?

  • No!  You just show up (In-Person or Online) when the tutor  you would like to work with is available!

How often can I utilize the Learning Center tutoring?

  • As often as you like (daily, weekly, monthly)! It is a resource available to you as a TTU student.    

Where are you located?

When are you open?

  • The Learning Center is open Monday through Thursday from 8am-8pm and 8am-5pm on Fridays (for In-Person and Online tutoring).  Strictly Online tutoring is available Monday through Friday from 2-5pm.

Where can I find the tutoring schedule?

  • On the main page or here.

How can I contact the Learning Center?

  • You can always call (806) 742-3664 or email Patrick Bohn, Director.