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About the ITE (TTU chapter)

The purpose of the student chapter of the Institute of Transportation Engineers is to provide students interested in transportation, particularly in the engineering side of transportation, an opportunity to interact with professionals and other student organizations from different universities under both the state umbrella of TexITE and the international governance of ITE. The international organization of ITE has a long history of developing transportation knowledge and leadership, and by having a student organization at Texas Tech, university students will be able to participate in research conferences and competitions unique to ITE. In fact, the emphasis on the engineering and on student research differentiates ITE from other, similar organizations such as TechFLT. Moreover, student members of ITE have access to scholarships and job opportunities unique to this environment. However, there likely will be cooperation between ITE and TechFLT with each organization focusing on particular facets of transportation. In particular, ITE focuses more on traffic engineering and roadway design while TechFLT provides a multidisciplinary focus under a different governing body.

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The purpose of the TTU student chapter of ITE is to promote the advancement of transportation and traffic engineering by fostering the close association of students with the profession and the institute.Founded in 2008, the Texas Tech University chapter of the Institute of Transportation Engineers is a group of individuals whose career goals include the advancement of transportation engineering. All majors are welcome in the chapter, as there is room in the field of transportation for practictioners of all disciplines.


Advisor: Dr. Hongchao Liu

President: Ariel Castillo

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