Texas Tech University

About UCSA

Our Mission

University Coaching and Student Achievement engages students in meaningful, intentional relationships focused on their academic and personal growth, supporting their success through partnerships, resources, and accountability.

Our Values

At UCSA, we commit to the highest ethical and professional standards. These values guide our efforts as we strive to support the growth and accomplishments of our TTU students.

Meaning Making

We commit to fostering safe relationships where students can explore, process, identify, and define meaning to the circumstances and events that occur during their college experience. With support and acceptance, we help students personalize and create meaningful lessons from their time at Texas Tech.

Agency Building

We affirm each student's potential to play a powerful role in determining their future outcomes in life. We seek to encourage and support students as they take ownership of their circumstances to build higher levels of self-efficacy and promote their personal agency in their student lives and beyond.

Designed Alliances

We partner with students in pursuit of their goals. Through co-determining with each student a personalized level of support and accountability, we provide encouragement, opportunity for reflection, and strong professional support for each student as they make plans to accomplish their goals.

Our Team

The UCSA staff brings perspectives from multiple cultural, educational, and professional backgrounds. Our team of expert coaches and support staff work to provide all students with the level of care, support, and attention they deserve as they work towards their future goals.




Location & Hours

Front Office: Drane Hall 234

Hours: M - F, 8am - 5pm

Contact Information: