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Performing Arts Research Lab MembersPerforming Arts Research Lab Members


Dr. David Sears

Dr. David R. W. Sears

Assistant Professor of Interdisciplinary Arts
J.T. & Margaret Talking College of Visual and Performing Arts

Dr. Peter A. Martens

Dr. Peter A. Martens

Associate Professor of Music Theory
Texas Tech School of Music


Lab Manager

Jonathan Verbeten 

Jonathan Verbeten, PhD (Fine Arts, Musicology)

With a background in music history, jazz piano, and music theory, Verbeten brings a wide array of skills to the lab. When not working at the PeARL, he enjoys spending time with his two little girls and engaging with the Lubbock music scene by playing jazz gigs with his wife and their quartet.


Current Students

 Kathryn Kelley

Kathryn Kelley, PhD (Fine Arts, Critical Studies & Artistic Practice)

As founding president of Houston's nonprofit BOX13 ArtSpace for experimental exhibitions and art studios, as professor of art foundations at SHSU, and as practicing visual artist, the central concentration of Kathy's research for the past ten years explores behaviors that may strengthen creative processes, persistence, and psychological health.

Hannah Percival

Hannah Percival, PhD (Fine Arts, Music Theory)

Hannah has earned graduate degrees in counseling and piano pedagogy (in progress). During study breaks in PeARL, she is usually playing with fidget cubes while pondering puns.

Sylvia Weintraub

Sylvia Weintraub, PhD (Fine Arts, Critical Studies, & Artistic Practice)

Prior to pursuing her doctoral degree at Texas Tech, Sylvia was a studio artist with a concentration in conceptualism and socially engaged art. At TTU, Sylvia is a member of the PeARL lab where she conducts research on online DIY and craft culture.

Anne Wharton

Anne Wharton, PhD (Fine Arts)

Justin Glosson

Justin Glosson, PhD (Fine Arts, Musicology)

Lucas Hess

Lucas Hess, BA/MA Student (Psychology)

Lucas' research interests include how music affects the emotion recognition of people as well as applied audio and vigilance research in human factors psychology.

Ethan Wills

Ethan Wills, Phd (Fine Arts, Administration)

Before joining Texas Tech, Ethan worked for three years at Howard College in Big Spring, Texas as Director of Choral Studies and Chair of Fine Arts. He holds a Masters of Music in Trombone Performance from the University of North Texas and a Bachelors in Music Education from Slippery Rock University of Pennsylvania. His primary research interests include general music education, brass pedagogy, and rock and popular music.