Texas Tech University

September 13, 2018

Featuring Dr. William B. Allen

Emeritus Dean and Professor, Michigan State University
and current Visiting Professor of Conservative Thought and Policy, University of Colorado

"Conscience: The Basis of Liberty, Character, and Civilization"

In the beginning, Americans got it right. They did not fall for the false choice between the comfort of the least and the potential of the best, sometimes posed as a choice between the common good and individualism. Instead, the founders envisioned a productive people who were at the same time a caring people. They identified social progress with realizing the potential of the best. Lately social progress tends to be identified with the comfort of the least. As a result, many have turned away from relying upon creative and productive individuals to advance society and first of all look at citizens as wards of the state (the disadvantaged) and secondly as lucky (the advantaged; "you didn't build that"). The problem is, a society can care for the least of its members only when it fosters the productivity of the best of its citizens. An upside down view of praiseworthy character threatens to undermine the foundation of social progress in good character. Good character in turn builds upon conscientious self-reliance.

This event was the featured lecture of the Institute's highly anticipated "Constitution Week."