Bachelor of General Studies, B.G.S.

Holden Hall

The 120-hour Bachelor of General Studies is a challenging and rewarding option for students who wish a greater degree of flexibility in their course of study. As an interdisciplinary degree, it is not based on a specific major or minor. Instead, the student’s curriculum will consist of courses from three areas of study which must be selected from established minors recognized in the Texas Tech Catalog. Two of the three areas of study must be administered by the College of Arts & Sciences.

A well-designed B.G.S. degree can help a student prepare to pursue a particular intellectual interest, a professional ambition, or graduate study. The three areas of study form a coherent specialization that is unavailable elsewhere in the university as an organized plan of study.

Minimum Requirements

  • A 2.0 GPA is required for admission into this program. In addition, a 2.0 GPA at Texas Tech University is required for graduation.
  • Degree plans must be reviewed by the Student Division of the College of Arts & Sciences to be considered official. This ensures conformity with graduation and B.G.S. requirements.
  • Degree plans must be submitted to the Student Division of the College of Arts & Sciences one semester after a student has achieved 45 hours of total coursework. Intentions to graduate must be submitted at the same time.
  • Nine hours in each area must be taken in residence at Texas Tech. Six of those hours must be taken at the junior/senior level. Some areas of study may require more than 9 hours.
  • No block credit from another university may apply to core, general education, or areas of study requirements.
  • Six hours of writing intensive classwork is required and cannot be transferred in. The writing intensive classes must be taken in the Arts & Sciences areas of study.
  • CLEP cannot be used to meet residency requirements.