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2014 Graduates                                                                                                                                                             

Master's of Science in Biotechnology
John Escobedo

Ruchi Hooda

Edward Kuenzi

Nithya Mudaliar

Vignesh Namburi-Murugesan

Nanditha Vaidyanathan

Justin Williams

2013 Graduates     (top)                                                                                                                                                                

Kate Belus

I am a graduate from the 2013 class from the Center for Biotechnology and Genomics at Texas Tech University.  I would like to share a bit Our graduating students go on to serve the private sector in prominent positions.about how my experience and classes prepped me for work and life outside of graduate school.
First being a nontraditional graduate student I knew that I needed to try to stay ahead of the curve, I did so by always doing my assignments when they were given.  As an undergrad I was always procrastinating, this time around I decided to try a new approach and I felt some of the stress and pressure lift off my shoulders right away.  I carried this into my job search and started right away (the middle of the third semester) and a month before graduation had a job lined up to start a week after graduation!
The second thing that I learned, took advantage of and took with me in my carrier was that most people want to help.  I was always reluctant to ask for assistance, but I knew that in order to succeed in this program and after that I would need assistance.  I took advantage of office hours, the library and study groups.  Now I am not a shy person, but I am very independent.  I do not like to ask for help and nor do I like to bother people.  But asking for assistance with a definition or how to set up an equation is not bothering anyone.  Currently I am in sales and have never worked in a job like this before, I consistently need to ask for help as I learn the ropes in my new position.
The third thing that I can say that I learned from this program is that life is short and you must enjoy it even if you are working hard towards a goal.  Remember to take time to enjoy these next two years.  You will encounter some stressful times with papers, finals and your thesis, but remember to take time for yourself and friends.  Having a good work/school/personal life balance will make a happier, healthier you!  Your stress will decrease and memories will be made.  Now that I am working, I do clock roughly 65-80+ hours of work in an average 7 day period, but I do make time for family and friends.  Life is too short to spend it all on work, reports and papers!

Master's of Science in Biotechnology
Katherine Belus

Evan Cain

Afia Dasgupta

Rohan S. Ingrole

Balakrihna Koneru

Ramesh Kumar

Archana Muthusubramanian

Divya Sarathy

Anukriti Singh

2012 graduates     (top)

Master's of Science in Biotechnology

Hbe Rajakaruna

Description: C:\Users\Erandi\Pictures\my\34394_1628241952394_1426935688_31717970_1331328_n.jpg I’m really happy about selecting Biotechnology & Genomics as my Master’s Program. I did my undergraduate in Sri Lanka in Chemistry and I came to the U.S .A and then joined this program in fall 2010. I was able to gain lots of knowledge on various new techniques and got experience on new instruments. Working as a Teaching Assistance for BTECH 5338 class gave me the opportunity to learn arranging labs and how it should be organized with various lab techniques.

All the faculty, staff and graduate students in this department gave me great support to successfully finish my Master’s program. After spending a valuable two years in this department I gained so much experience which helped me to start my career at Fiber and Biopolymer Research Institute here in Lubbock, Texas.
I'd really like to thank all the members in this department for helping me to find a way to my future.


Master's of Science in Biotechnology

Srirupa Cheerla

Shankervivek Jakkula

Bala Meenakshi

Shital Babulal Patel

Jonathan E Pauwels

Hewa E Rajakaruna

Prajna Kudlu Shanbhogue

Dhanashree Prakash Vedpathak

Spandana Vemulapally


2011 Graduates      (top)

Master's of Science in Biotechnology

Sesha Raghavan Krishnamachari

Srinivsan Krishnan

Subashri Kumar

Monish Ram Patrudu Makena

Shirisha Meda

Vivek K. Madem

Shamitha Rao Morey

Kamakshi Suresh Nayak

Sujata Nerle

Hersharan Nischal

Hardik Patel

Nandini Pichamoorthy

Garima Pratihar

Robin Rajan

Yue Su

2010 Graduates     (top)

Master's of Science in Biotechnology

Siva Prasad Ankeshwarapu

Supriya Bikkina

Neha Shashank Dole

Ruchi Anil Joshi

Trupti Shrikant Kale

Chandana Kolluru

Mahima Das Kruthiventi

Paresh Chandrakant Kurkure

Harshad Mahadeshwar

Nishanth Makthal

Prachi Pradip Nakashe

Mithun Reddy Pasham

Bhavya Pataliya

Trinadh Kumar Potina

Paurvi Ravindra Shinde

2009 Graduates     (top)

Master's of Science in Biotechnology

Mruvil Vikas Abooj

Vikas Belamkar

Vidya Dhanapal

Priyanka Gupta

Viritha Kaza

Subramanya K Srikar Lingaraju

Sanjeevadutt Surya Ven Nemani

2008 Graduates     (top)

Master's of Science in Biotechnology

Sarada Deepthi Madireddy

Adam Royce Rampy

2007 Graduates     (top)

Master's of Science in Biotechnology

Joseph Ware Bass

Brent Caldwell

Cody Daniel Hamrick

2006 Graduates     (top)

Master's of Science /Doctor of Jurisprudence

Ann Elise McMinn

Colton John Wilson

Erin Rebecca Winfrey

2005 Graduates     (top)

Master's of Science in Biotechnology

Angela Marie Burrell

Kanisha Pradip Shah

2004 Graduates     (top)

Master's of Science in Biotechnology

Vinaya Kumar Mandava

2003 Graduates     (top)                                                                                                                                                                   

Master's of Science in Biotechnology

Raviprakash Govindrao Dani

Sarah Louise Learmonth

Lawrence Anthony Shaw


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