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Students may apply for either track using the following application forms:

Applied Sciences track (2 applications):

  1. TTU Graduate School or call (806) 742-2787.
  2. Center for Biotechnology & Genomics (Online Graduate Application).

Students are only accepted in the fall and NOT in the spring semester. The deadline for fall enrollment each year for international students is March 1st. Domestic students can apply all year without a deadline.

For further information about the Applied Sciences track, please contact J.N Tripathy at Jatindra.N.Tripathy@ttu.edu or call (806) 834-1837.

2014 Annual Graduate Research Symposium

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

WHAT ARE OUR STUDENTS STUDYING? (See posts on our Facebook Page.)

  • Singapore Eye Research Institute Ocular Research Anti-Infective Coatings
    by Aishwarya Balasankar
  • Synthesis and Characterization of Elastin Like Polypeptides
    by Twaritha Vijay
  • Transcriptomics of Drought Stress Acclimation Response In Peanut (Arachis Hypogea L.)
    by Sandhiya Arun
  • Synthesis of Apigenin and Optimization for Large-Scale Production
    by Nhan Phan with Eburon Organics International
  • Transcriptomics in Cotton
    by William B. Graue with USDA
  • Protemomic Analysis of MCF7 Cells
    by Clinton Harmon
  • Ulva Intestinalis 5' – Adenylyl Sulfate Reductase (UiAPR)
    by Jacaranda Solis


Past internships include assignments at the following businesses.

  • Ambion (Life Technologies), Austin, TX
  • Bayer Crop Sciences, Lubbock, TX
  • Osteogenics, Lubbock, TX
  • Peregrine Pharmaceuticals, Tustin, CA
  • Research and Testing Laboratory, LLC
  • ReceptorLogic, Abilene, TX
  • Singapore Eye Research Institute
  • The Johns Hopkins University
  • TTU
  • USDA Plant Stress Lab, Lubbock, TX
  • UT Southwestern Health Sciences Center
  • Verenium, San Diego, CA
  • Viral Antigens Inc., Memphis, TN

Ashwarya Balasankar is a current student attending our program as a second year student and has the following to share with those thinking about entering our graduate program.

The Masters program in Biotechnology at Texas Tech is very fascinating as it provides coursework knowledge in the first year of the program and hands on internship experience/ intense practical training in the second year. The program highly motivates us students to get into Biotechnology/pharmaceutical industry. The program encourages us to do our internship for the second year in any industries related to Biotechnology. Another strength of the program is that I find the faculty and staff very approachable, supportive and encouraging. I took advantange of the Abroad Internship option and this gave me a chance to do my internship at Singapore Eye Research Institute and National University of Singapore. The program helped me obtain a very good professional experience along with valuable hands on research experience at Masters level and I am extremely thankful for the opportunity. The internship option opened a whole new world to me and also as it was abroad, it gave a new experience and a solid foundation from which I could build on. The program has helped me take a step ahead towards realizing my career goals. I can't thank my department, our faculty & staff and our program enough for being supportive of us and for their valuable guidance throughout the course of the program. I am sure many more students would benefit from the program as the current students and alumni did. Ashwarya Balasankar

Where Have Our Graduates Gone?

Since we began our program in 2007 our students have moved on to different professional positions in the following companies.

  • Albert Einstein Medical School, NY
  • Ambion (LIfe Technologies), TX
  • Bayer Crop Science, TX
  • Beth Israel, MA
  • Bio Scientific Corp, Austin, TX
  • Boehringer Ingleheim, CT
  • Broad Institute MIT, MA
  • Iowa State University, IA
  • Peregrine Pharmaceuticals, CA
  • ReceptorLogic, TX
  • St. Jude's Children Hospital, TN
  • TTU
  • University of Southern Illinois
  • US Air Force
  • UT Southwestern Health Sciences Center
  • Viral Antigens, TN
  • Whitehead Institute, MA

Read how Jon Pauwels graduated from our BTEC program in 2012 and where he is today.
"When I finished my undergraduate work (BS in Biology), I knew I wanted to continue to study Biology but needed more experience with what the field had to offer. What attracted me to the Biotech program at TTU was the flexibility the program offered. The foundation of the program is genomics and proteomics with a focus on the technical skills necessary to study each. This alone is a valuable step towards any research lab or industry job. Still, what really set the program apart for me were the electives. I had options to learn technical skills such as mass spec, crystallography and RT-PCR. Dr. Tripathy was also very helpful allowing me to take classes in stem cell biology and biochemistry in the Biology and Chemistry departments. After the first year I decided to do my internship in an academic lab and complete a thesis project; a process aided by the Biotech program's great relationship with the Health Sciences Center. The Biotech program at TTU allowed me to continue my education in Biology while allowing me the flexibility to find my niche; leading to research technician positions at UT Southwestern and Weill-Cornell Medical College and ultimately acceptance to the Columbia College of Dental Medicine DDS program."
Jon Pauwels


Center for Biotechnology & Genomics