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Interactions between biomolecules are detected and analyzed in real time using SPR (Surface Plasmon Resonance) technology. In this technology, a biomolecule is immobilized on a modified gold surface. The other molecule, which may bind to the immobilized molecule, is passed over the gold surface. Once the two molecules interact, the optical properties of the gold surface change. The change in optical property measured is correlated to biomolecular interaction.

  • Biacore X
    • Determination of binding specificity (yes/no).
    • Quantitative kinetic analysis.
    • Concentration determination.
    • Quantitative determination of affinity constants.
    • Rapid epitope mapping.
    • Thermodynamics measurements.
    • Contact Ruwanthi Wettasinghe to set up a meeting.
    • Costs dependent upon consumable usage.
  • Points to consider when developing a Biacore X assay
    • What are the goals of this experiment?
    • What are the conditions that interactants are physiologically active?
    • What buffers are the interactants in now? Dialysis or buffer exchange may be necessary to clean up the samples.
    • Molecular weight of the molecules.
    • How pure are the interactants? Purity should be at least 95%.
    • Are there any tags or other reactive groups attached to interactants?
    • What are the concentrations of interactants? Prefer to have at 1mg/mL.
    • How many binding sites are on the molecules?
    • What other assays have been done prior to developing a Biacore assay?

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