Texas Tech University

Services and Benefits

Learning Specialists

Upon acceptance into the CASE program, each student is assigned a Learning Specialist. These specialists work with each student to:

  • Identify the student's strengths, interests, and career goals
  • Coordinate services and supports to meet the student's individualized needs
  • Guide the student in making informed decisions and being pro-active
  • Provide strategies to develop skills in time management, organization, and planning
  • Develop and facilitate weekly student appointments and monthly Wraparound Team meetings
  • Connect the student with community and campus internships to build job skills

Project CASE flowchart

Other Services and Benefits Provided by CASE

  • Serving as an additional campus point person who understands students with disabilities
  • Assessing the student's strengths, needs, and potential stress behaviors
  • Acting as liaison to the campus Student Disability Services office
  • Collaborating with the student to develop a Wraparound Team
  • Preparing individualized monthly written reviews, called Wraparound Plans, for each student's progress, goals, and challenges with guidance from the student and his/her Wraparound Team
  • Addressing areas that colleges will not: hygiene, social norms, friendships, etc.
  • Coaching and providing supported and strategic education in:
    • transitioning from home to campus life
    • connecting to appropriate college resources
    • managing time and schedules
    • incorporating self-management and self-advocacy in everyday campus life
    • managing stress and organizational needs
    • improving social skills by developing scripts and role-playing
    • setting goals: academic, vocations., extracurricular
  • Exploring possible career paths through internships related to the student's field of study
  • Developing each student's interview skills, resume writing, and applying for internships and/or jobs
  • Providing professional development, training, and coaching to university faculty and staff on the needs of students with disabilities.

Project CASE staff at table

The CASE faculty and staff: Dr. DeAnn Lechtenberger, Rachel Harmon, Dr. Wes Dotson, Traci Ysasaga, Kelly Golden, and Taylor Brooks