Texas Tech University

Center for Innovation in eLearning

CIEL service As distance education is rapidly growing, the needs of high-quality online course development is inevitable. In order to assure the quality of online learning, we need to implement effective learning contents and meaningful interactions that fit into the objectives of each course. The purpose of Center for Innovation in E-Learning (CIEL) is to enhance and support excellence in teaching and learning in an online environment by employing the theory and practice in the instructional technology discipline. The center will complement the roles of the Teaching, Learning, & Professional Development Center (TLPDC) and the Worldwide eLearning Center at Texas Tech University by providing iterative instructional design and development services including an aesthetic interface, appropriate online tools beyond the LMS, customized learning activities, cutting-edge multimedia resources, and refinement of the courses based on formative evaluation.

The goal of CIEL is to provide a one-stop solution for the development of online courses and web-based products, and coding education. The structure of the center will be:

  • Online course development division: implementing a quality online course in LMS.
  • Web-based product development division: developing an website or various multimedia products with cutting-edge technology.
  • Grant collaborative division: providing free investment in grant development.
  • Community service division: offering coding education (e.g., Scratch programming) for improving computational thinking to K-12 schools.