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Master of Science in Systems & Engineering Management

Texas Tech University's online Master of Science in Systems and Engineering Management is designed to meet the growing demand for managers with strong engineering, science and technical backgrounds as well as a sound grounding in management and financial issues.

Program Overview

  • 30 credit hours, thesis and non-thesis options are available
  • Coursework is completed primarily online. Some courses require the use of Interactive Video Conferencing (IVC).
  • Prerequisite: bachelor's degree in engineering, or its equivalent
  • Students are not required to enroll in a certain number of courses each semester, so completion time varies by individual. Learn more about the difference between part-time and full-time Student status..
  • Semester-based courses align with the Academic Calendar of Texas Tech University. New students may enroll at the beginning of any one of the four semesters throughout the year.
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Application Process

  1. Complete the Graduate Admissions application.
    • $60 initial application fee or $50 for each subsequent application (including changes of entry date, add/change program requests, or readmission requests).
    • Students planning to pursue a master's degree must submit Graduate Records Exam (GRE) scores to the Graduate School. Scores must be less than five years old at the time of application.
      • The average GRE score of graduate students in engineering programs is around 1100 on the math and verbal sections, when combined.
    • Students must also submit transcripts from all post-secondary institutions and three letters of recommendation.
    • International students must also submit a Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) score to the Graduate School. Scores must be less than two years old at the time of application. Learn more about International Graduate Applications.
  2. Contact the Graduate School.
    • Verify the required test scores or other required admission materials with the advisor of the program that interests you.
  3. Apply for financial aid and/or general scholarships.
    • Financial aid is distributed based on full-time enrollment and several other eligibility requirements. Your enrolled hours as of the 12th day of class in the fall and spring semesters determines your enrollment status for the semester, and financial aid is disbursed accordingly. Attending less than full-time could mean a reduction in aid. Student status..
  4. Check your admissions status. Texas Tech University will notify you of your admissions status by updating the Applications tab in your Raiderlink.

Program Requirements

The MS SYEM program can be taken as a thesis (24 credits plus 6 credits of thesis) or non-thesis (30 credits) option.

There are five courses (15 credits) that constitute the core requirements for the MS SYEM:

  • IE 5311 Principles of Optimization or IE 5318 Principles of Operations Research Modeling with Spreadsheets
  • IE 5316 Simulation Models for Operations Analysis, IE 5319 Risk Modeling and Assessment, or IE 5346 Total Quality Systems
  • IE 5320 Systems Theory
  • IE 5321 Decision Theory and Management Science, IE 5322 Industrial Cost Analysis, IE 5324 Advanced Economics of Systems, or IE 5325 Productivity and Performance Improvement in Organizations
  • IE 5323 The Engineering Management Environment or IE 5329 Project Management

The remaining five courses (15 credits) can be taken from those offered in the Industrial Engineering department, or up to three courses (9 hours) can be taken from other engineering disciplines within the College of Engineering or disciplines outside of the College of Engineering, such as business, math, or psychology, as long as the selected courses are approved by both the graduate advisor and the SYEM graduate advisor.

An option within the MS SYEM program is to take 3-5 courses as a minor. The courses do not have to come from the same department, but they must be focused on a specific specialty area, and the minor must be approved by the SYEM graduate advisor.

Frequently Asked Questions

Required M.S. Coursework

Please see our current graduate handbook and S.E.M. M.S. core class list. There are a total of 15 core course hours plus 15 elective hours (9 of which must be in IE or 6 with a formal minor declared). We accept a maximum of 6 transfer hours from another graduate program.

% Online
The M.S. program can be completed 100% online.

Please see the university's Tuition and Fees Estimate Grids for the current resident and non-resident tuition, as well as the university's global fee document. The Whitacre College of Engineering also administers some additional fees for distance courses to cover the additional costs of those courses (A/V equipment, videographers, etc.). Brent Guinn can answer any questions you may have about that fee.

Required Application Materials

We require all applicants to submit GRE scores (the GMAT is not considered a substitute; the GRE is ONLY waived for high GPA students who received both their B.S. and M.S. in IE/SEM from our department), transcripts from all post-secondary institutions, and three letters of recommendation. We also require the TOEFL for international applicants. We also recommend but do not require a CV/resume and statement of purpose (particularly for Ph.D. students). Work experience is generally considered a positive factor in the application, but we do not require a certain level of work experience or consider work experience as a substitute for coursework or the GRE.


We require that students applying for a Ph.D. have a M.S., M.A. or MBA. We also expect that all applicants have an engineering background at the B.S. level (see p. 4-6 of the graduate handbook). We have accepted students without this background but may require leveling in this case (again please see p. 4-6 of the graduate handbook). In addition to the background/leveling listed on p.4-6, we also expect applicants to have at least one semester of college chemistry and at least one semester of college physics. If applicants do not have this background, they may also require leveling in these two subjects.

Veterans and Military

Texas Tech has a special military and veterans program that provides specialized support for current/past service men and women and handles the process of financial aid for this population. Please see http://www.depts.ttu.edu/diversity/mvp/

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