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Center for Adolescent Resiliency

Mission Statement

We commit to enriching youth through a comprehensive approach to wellness and leadership integrating:

  • Healthy Bodies
  • Healthy Minds
  • Healthy Behaviors
About the Center for Adolescent Resiliency

CAR programs actively cultivate the self-esteem, self-care, and self-leadership youth need in order to successfully integrate into their academic and social environments. Students are empowered to thrive as individuals but also as members of culturally and developmentally diverse communities.

CAR programs utilize curricula which foster positive and sustainable change within student and the school culture. This change is recognized through:

  • Self-efficacy for learning
  • Self-efficacy for comprehensive wellness
  • Self-efficacy for leadership
Covenant BodyMind Initiative

The Covenant BodyMind Initiative (CBMI) is committed to developing and improving resilience, promoting and empowering self-care, and educating and supporting wellness in youth by providing experiential school activities, family resources, and community involvement.      

Transforming through Transition

United Future Leaders

United Future Leaders (UFL) is an after school program that teaches the importance of leadership and community involvement, ultimately building character that will last a lifetime. Application for participation can be requested in May of the child's fourth or fifth grade school year.

Transforming through Transition

Transforming through Transition

Transforming through Transition is a new program that incorporates the leadership and wellness orientation of both the BMI and UFL curricula. This project is focused on preparing middle school students for a successful transition into high school as individuals and as a cohort.

Transforming through Transition