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Center for Adolescent Resiliency


Peer-reviewed Publications

Sherman, K., Gonzales, G., Kostina-Ritchey, E., & Dodd, S. (2016). Mentoring the mentors: A systematic approach to formal and informal training of collegiate leaders. In F. Salamone & M. Snipes, (Eds.), Passing the Torch: Mentoring the Next Generation. Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom: Cambridge Scholars Publishing.

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Papers in Progress

Velez-Gomez, P., Kostina-Ritchey, E., Dodd, S. L., & Little, T. D. Examining the validity of the Basic Needs Satisfaction in General scale: A study with an early adolescent sample. Manuscript submitted for publication (in review).

Sherman, K., Gonzales, G., Dodd, S. L., & Kostina-Ritchey, E. United Future Leaders Ambassadors: How do we engage young leaders in community service? Manuscript submitted for publication (in revision).

Kostina-Ritchey, E., Velez-Gomez, P., & Dodd, S. L. Student assets and commitment to learning in an afterschool leadership development program: Looking beyond the myths. Manuscript submitted for publication (in review). 

Dodd, S. L., Follmer-Reece, H., & Kostina-Ritchey, E. Emerging scholarship in adolescent development: Integrating positive youth development and self-determination theory. Manuscript submitted for publication (in revision).

Center for Adolescent Resiliency