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About Skyviews

While you may not realize it, you have chosen to dine in a Texas Tech University classroom! Skyviews is a full-service, largely self-supporting restaurant designed and operated to provide a hospitality laboratory experience for 75 - 100 students each week. While you are enjoying an excellent meal in the lovely surroundings, students are developing skills and applying knowledge. Every day is a learning experience for our students, and we welcome comments and suggestions as we strive to improve your dining experience. We greatly appreciate your patronage.

Dr. Robert Paul Jones
Department of Hospitality and Retail Management

About Skyviews

Skyviews is set above the treetops on the sixth floor of the Texas Tech Plaza and is almost entirely student-run. In addition to the view, the restaurant offers a fine dining atmosphere to patrons at dinner, and a venue where RHIM students learn restaurant management from the inside out.

Restaurant, Hotel and Institutional Management majors at Texas Tech spend hours every week running Skyviews Restaurant, where they say they get not only an education, but also a glimpse of the real world.

They are not your typical students. They leave their books at home. They wear a uniform to class. They don't take notes, they take orders.

Tasks and student workers at Skyviews are divided between two labs. Students enrolled in the first lab arrive early, clocking in at 9:30 a.m. to prepare the restaurant for lunch. This means vacuuming the restaurant, setting the tables, and preparing food for the daily lunch buffet. These students depart shortly after lunch service and set up the kitchen for the dinner class.

Senior level students arrive minutes after the lunch lab and begin transforming the restaurant from a Lunch Bistro into a white table cloth dining facility. Students in the kitchen start to prepare for the 4 course dinner menu which changes weekly. The dinner laboratory is the culmination of a RHIM student's experience at TTU. The course is designed for the students to apply skills and knowledge that they have learned on campus in various courses throughout their college career and prepare them for jobs after graduation. The senior level course also allows for students to serve as Kitchen and Service Managers on designated weeks.

Skyviews is a laboratory of Texas Tech University and operates in accordance to the Texas Tech University academic calendar.

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