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Nutrition & Metabolic Health Initiative

Research Studies Currently Recruiting

Texas Tech University Department of Nutritional Sciences is looking for research participants!

Below is a list of research studies currently recruiting research subjects. Various labs are conducting all studies independently. Please contact EACH study individually if you are interested (Note: The TTU Institutional Review Board has approved all studies).


Comfort during moderate exercise

Behavioral Medicine & Translational Research (BMTR) lab

Attend ONE Appointment; Get free body composition assessment PLUS additional total possible compensation of $20. If you do not regularly exercise more than 150 minutes per week, you may be eligible.

For more information contact the BMTR lab.
No obligation, brief screening
Email: bmtrlab@ttu.edu
Phone: 806.742.5194

(Provide your name, phone number, and the best times to contact you).

Non-Diabetic individuals needed for a study on Dietary Patterns using remote food photography method (RFPM)

Obesity and Metabolic Health lab

Non-diabetic individuals (male of female; age 18-65; BMI:20-60kg/m2) needed. Need to take and send photographs of food consumed throughout the day on 7 consecutive days plus 2 visits with breakfasts, blood draws and questionnaires. Compensation $100.

For more information contact Samudani Dhanasekara.
Email: rfpmstudyttu@gmail.com
Phone: 281.235.2280

Women interested in weight loss needed. Breakfast and body measurements.

Obesity and Metabolic Health lab

Healthy women ages 18-44 are needed. Weight los counseling and free breakfast for 2 weeks. Stay 1 morning (5-6 hours) per week; questionnaires and lunch will be provided.  Compensation up to $150 will be included.

For more information contact Yaqiong Zhu.
Email: yaqiong.zhu@ttu.edu
Phone: 352.215.5409

"Whey" To Go Study- Protein Supplementation study

Nutrition Lab- Department of Kinesiology and Sport Management

Apparently healthy individuals between 19 - 45 years, with a body mass index (BMI) between 25 to 40 kg/m2 are needed to identify the benefits of whey protein supplementation on maintaining the blood pressure at healthy range. Participants randomly selected for the protein group, will consume protein drinks before lunch and dinner for 12 weeks. During the 5 visits (~1-2 hours per visit), blood pressure, body composition, calorie expenditure and grip strength will be measured. Compensation is $60 for the completion of the study.

For more information contact Dr. Nadeeja Wijayatunga.
Email: nadeeja.wijayatunga@ttu.edu
Phone: 806.834.6191


Contact NMHI

Phone: (806) 742-NMHI (6644)