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About UFL
About UFL
Program Overview

The implementation of the United Future Leaders (UFL) program was established to develop and promote qualities such as civility, ethics and leadership to students beginning in grade 5 as they navigate their transition into middle and high school. It is an afterschool program that lasts for 18 weeks.


The United Future Leaders program develops young leaders who impact the individual, peer, and social culture of their community through ongoing program participation.

Value Statement

United Future Leaders promotes qualities such as civility, ethics, and leadership empowering students to "Take it Out to the World" through service, mentoring, and relationship building.


United Future Leaders positively impacts the individual, social and peer culture of community youth through ongoing program participation.

Who will the program target?

Students in grades 5th & 6th
7th-12th grade participants are provided mentoring, service and community outreach opportunities
Participants span the entire socioeconomic continuum

Environments of Success

Leadership Environment

UFL provides a nurturing, safe and affirming environment in which students can find support and direction during their transition years from elementary, middle and high school.

Transition Environment

Integration into a new academic setting can bring difficult challenges to young students. UFL works to ensure its participants receive all of the support they need to remain strong and productive leaders.

Community Environment

Youth leadership impacts all aspects of academic and community culture. UFL finds that program participants experience great success academically.