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Advanced Meat Science and Muscle Biology (ANSC 4400/5400)

Class Materials
Lecture Reference Material Reading Assignment
Overview Overview of the Meat Industry  
Diet and Health Lecture Power Point

Lecture Power Point

Nutrient Composition of Meats (RMC 2008)

Red Meat and Cancer (RMC 2008)

Meat and Cancer Myths (meatsafety.org)

NCBA Ground Beef Study (RMC 2008)

Will Salt Reduction Benefit Consumers? (RMC 2008)

Read Chapter 1
Muscle Ultrastructure and Muscle Contraction Lecture Power Point Read Chapters 2 & 4
Conversion of Muscle to Meat Lecture Power Point Read Chapter 5
Shelf Life Lecture Power Point  
Biochemistry of Muscle Lecture Power Point Read Chapter 3
Muscle Composition Lecture Power Point Read Chapter 3
Anatomy Bovine Myology  
Growth & Development (Adipose Tissue)

Adipose Tissue - I

Adipose Tissue - II

Adipose Tissue - III

Growth & Development


Postnatal Muscle Growth

Additional Resources  

Pork Carcass Fabrication Worksheet

Pork Carcass Evaluation Worksheet

Lamb Carcass Fabrication Worksheet

Lamb Carcass Evaluation Worksheet

Beef Live Evaluation Worksheet

Beef Carcass Fabrication Worksheet

Beef Carcass Evaluation Worksheet

Standard Meat Company Tour Information

Standard Meat Company History