Texas Tech University

Goin' Band Scholarship

Sponsored by the Goin' Band Association, we are happy to provide Goin' Band Scholarships to motivated and talented musicians who value being involved in a band program rich in history, substance and fellowship. The scholarship is designated for any non-music major of any classification. Awards given range from $250 to $1,000 for one semester. YOU CAN APPLY FOR THIS SCHOLARSHIP, but you must be accepted by the university and enrolled in the Goin' Band course in order to receive the award at the start of the Fall semester. NOTE: Incoming freshman or transfer students can still apply for a scholarship even if they have not officially enrolled in Goin' Band at the time of the deadline.

Disclaimer: It is too late to apply for a 2018 GBA scholarship. Check back next spring for the opportunity to apply for the 2019 season!