Texas Tech University

Presidential Library

Resolution proposed by the Agenda Committee of the Faculty Senate on September 6; to be voted on by the Texas Tech Faculty Senate on September 14:

Presidential Library

Whereas the presence of a presidential library on the campus of Texas Tech University could potentially advance our teaching and research missions by making available additional resources, including books, documents, and presidential scholars; and

Whereas such a library might offer unique social and political programs that could contribute to the intellectual diversity of our campus; and

Whereas such a library would showcase Texas Tech University to library visitors from all over the nation and the world, and

Whereas such a library, if located here, might provide economic benefits for the university and the community,

Be it resolved that, so long as the plans and the resource requirements for the proposed library are structured in harmony with the academic mission of Texas Tech University, the Faculty Senate enthusiastically endorses the effort led by the West Texas Coalition for the George W. Bush Presidential Library to locate the George W. Bush Presidential Library on our campus.

Faculty Senate