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Get In The Game

CatchingKnowing how to achieve success in college doesn't just mean knowing how to get good grades. On the other hand, "playing hard" doesn't just mean going to parties. You have to know how to keep yourself fulfilled both emotionally and creatively. Make sure that you have a healthy outlet for whatever creative juices are flowing inside of you — paint, keep a journal, join a fencing class — whatever! Just make sure it keeps you happy and gives you something to look forward to outside of academics.

Here are a few ideas to get you into the game!

19 Things Every Red Raider Should Do

  1. Go to class.
  2. Read the Daily Toreador.
  3. Participate in Intramural Sports.
  4. Donate to Tech Can Share Drive.
  5. Rent a bike from Outdoor Pursuits Center and explore campus.
  6. Get to know your professor's by visiting them during office hours.
  7. Support fellow Red Raiders by going to Red Raider sporting events- they are free and fun!.
  8. Take advantage of free tutoring at the S.O.A.R. Center.
  9. Wear red and black every Friday.
  10. Wait in line outside the United Supermarkets Arena to support the Texas Tech basketball teams.
  11. Help beautify the campus by participating in Arbor Day.
  12. Join a student organization - there are over 500  for you to choose from .
  13. Attend Raider Roundup - your official welcome to Texas Tech University.
  14. Go climb the Rec Center 53' Rock Wall.
  15. Learn the words to the Fight Song and Matador Song.
  16. Enroll in RRP-1100 Raider Ready.
  17. Celebrate the holiday season at Carol of Lights - one of Tech's greatest traditions.
  18. Cheer as the Masked Rider sprints down the field before a Texas Tech football game.
  19. And most importantly- Get your Guns Up!

Student Organizations

Texas Tech University has over 450 student organizations including service, academic, professional, and religious groups. Student organizations are a great way for you to get involved, meet others, and have fun! Join a team

Did you not find one that interests you? Start your own!

Put Me In Coach

Intramural Sports

Looking for a game? Want to score a touchdown, hit a home run, score a goal, or putt in a birdie?

Whatever fuels your competitive juices, Intramurals has it for you.

From team sports that include flag football and dodgeball to individual events such as tennis and golf, there is something for everyone at every skill level.

Sport Clubs

From Cricket and Rugby to Bowling and Paintball, even Quidditch, each sport club offers TTU students the opportunity to pursue a higher degree of participation with a group of individuals interested in the same level and type of activity.

All Sport Clubs are student led and student run entities of the Department of Recreational Sports.