Texas Tech University

Project 0-5884

Handling Issues for Lead and Asbestos in Bridge Construction


The goal of this research was to survey the state of the regulatory environment and common practices in other state DOTs to learn how other states deal with the issue of lead-based paint and asbestos-containing materials in bridge maintenance and repair for the state's 32,000 existing bridges. The survey included 40 questions to all 50 state DOTs, with 39 responding. The survey responses were evaluated to formulate primary recommendations intended to decrease TxDOT liability in the short term. Among the primary recommendations were to train TxDOT
personnel on appropriate OSHA regulations, limit TxDOT worker exposure to hazardous materials, and establish oversight of contractor controls and safety protocols. The study also led to several secondary recommendations to designed to limit TxDOT liability in the long term, such as conducting a study of all bridges to determine the exact location, quantity, and nature of both LBP and ACM, conduct a study of ambient air monitors to measure airborne lead concentrations, and determine the economics of encasing ACM and LBP wastes in concrete.

Project PI: Audra N. Morse

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coatings on wood posts or timber piles containing lead-based paint