Texas Tech University

Project 0-6841

Modeling a Change in Flowrate through Detention or Additional Pavement on the Receiving Stream


The addition or removal of flow from a stream affects the water surface downstream and possibly upstream. The extent of such effects is only known by modeling the receiving stream – a vital component of such modeling is where to locate boundaries in such a model. Rapid model development to assess incremental changes in flowrate from incremental changes in pavement coverage or detention benefits TxDOT (hereafter referred to as the "Receiving Agency") by reducing the time required to assess the hydraulic impact. The Performing Agency (hereafter referred to as the "research team") shall develop guidance that concisely describes how far upstream or downstream a hydraulic model needs to extend to fully describe those effects, and will support rapid model construction to assess changes in anticipated discharge.

Project PI: Theodore Cleveland, Ph.D., P.E.

Project Duration:2015