Texas Tech University

Project 7-4903

Right of Way Mowing Height Research


The recommendation that the mowing height should be 7 inches was confirmed by the research in most situations. This height of mowing provides the best opportunity for mid-serial grasses to be established in the rights-of-way. Mowing at two inches will remove stem bases and basal crowns in which carbohydrates are stored and reduce tiller recruitment and initiation of new growth. a 2-inch mowing height will eventually remove mid-serial grasses from the vegetative community. A mower speed of 4 mph and a setting of a 6-inch cut will result in a verdure of 7 inches. To minimize pop-ups or rooster tails, the speed of 4 mph is recommended for grasses other than thick stemmed grasses especially Johnsongrass. For thick stemmed grasses or Johnsongrass, a mowing speed of 2 mph is recommended. For those areas of the state where snows frequently occur, a recommendation of a 2-inch mowing height on the immediate shoulder is recommended to reduce the formation of a snow drift onto the driving lanes of the highway. This same recommendation can be made for those areas with drifting sand.

right of way mowing

Project PI: John Borrelli

Project Co-PI's:

Ron E. Sosebee

Cynthia McKenney

Richard Zartman