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Interim Measures

What are Interim Measures?

Interim measures are temporary measures (actions, tools) that may be put in place to protect the safety and well-being of the university community, support the people involved in the report, protecting the integrity of investigation, and to end the harassment or hostile environment. The goal of Interim Measures is to prevent disruption to a student's educational environment as much as is possible. 

Who can request Interim Measures?

The person who reported experiencing an incident (the 'Complainant'), the person named in the report (the 'Respondent'), and when needed, witnesses or other parties who made the report.

What are some possible Interim Measures?

  • Counseling Services
  • Medical services
  • Housing assistance
    • Short-term emergency housing accomodations or housing changes
  • Academic assistance 
    • Course load reductions, withdrawals, absense notifications, requests for flexibility/alternative participation to faculty or supervisors
  • Academic support services
  • Parking Assistance
  • No Contact Orders (more information below)
  • Interim Suspension (more information below)

Do Interim Measures imply an assumption of Responsibility ("guilt") for the Respondent? 

Not at all. Interim Measures are typically put in place early in the investigation process during the initial report or fact gathering. Interim Measures are available to all parties in the report, and are not considered sanctions in the university Conduct process. 

What is a No Contact Order?

A No Contact Order is a directive issued by the university that officially instructs parties not to interact. This "contact" is prohibited in person, in writing, through electronic means (Snapchat and other social media platforms, text messages, emails, etc.), and through a third party (such as a family member or friend). A No Contact Order can be requested by either party, and is a bilateral directive- meaning all parties are held to the same standard for complying with the order. It is important to know that an allegation of violating a No Contact Order is referred to the Office of Student Conduct for investigation and potential disciplinary sanctions. 

What is an Interim Suspension?

An Interim Suspension is a temporary suspension put in place during the investigation process. Per the Code of Student Conduct, this measure is reserved for "when a student represents a threat of serious harm to others, is facing allegations of serious criminal activity, to preserve the integrity of an Investigation, to preserve University property and/or to prevent disruption of, or interference with the normal operations of the University." Any student placed under Interim Suspension may request a meeting with the Director of the Office of Student Conduct to contest this decision. 

Please note, when a student is under Interim Suspension, they may no longer attend class, use University services or resources, and may not be on campus until the conduct proceedings have concluded. If a student needs to be on campus (for example, to attend a Conduct meeting), arrangements must be made through the Office of Student Conduct prior to the student coming on campus. Violating any of these terms, including coming on to campus without authorization, can result in additional conduct proceedings for Failure to Comply. 


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