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Q: Can I rush?

A: No, not while you are in TTAP. However, If you transfer from  Summer II TTAP, you may rush in the upcoming Fall. If you transfer after the Fall TTAP you can rush the upcoming Spring.

Q: Do I have to live in the dorms?

A: Yes, TTAP follows the Texas Tech standard for living arrangements. For more information contact University Housing. TTAP students will live in Chitwood/Weymouth with the First Year Success Learning Community. This is a Texas Tech dorm that also houses TTU students. **TTAP students cannot register for Housing until April 1st.**

Q: I don't have a high school diploma, can I still be in TTAP?

A: Yes, as long as you have a high school diploma equivalent. For example: GED and home school.

Q: What type of classes are offered?

A: TTAP offers basic core classes such as: History, Speech, College Algebra, Government, Geography, English, Humanities, Music Appreciation, and two developmental Algebra courses. (Subject to change per semester)

Q: Will the TTAP classes transfer to Texas Tech?

A: Yes, TTAP only offers classes that will transfer to Texas Tech.

Q: Will I be living and taking my classes at South Plains College?

A: No, you will be living and taking all of your courses on the Texas Tech campus.

Q: Where do I pay tuition/ room and board to?

A: You will pay SPC for your course tuition and you will pay Texas Tech for your IS class, room/board, and fees.

Q: How long will I be in TTAP for?

A: TTAP is meant to be a one semester program. 

Q: How many hours am I required to take?

A: During the Fall semester you must take a minimum of 13 hours with a maximum of 16 hours. During the Summer II semester it is required to take 7 hours.

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