Texas Tech University

Faculty Development

Faculty Development in its broad perspective integrates multiple activities that include interdisciplinary scholarship, strategic initiative-targeting, proposal development and overseeing limited submissions. Our activity on research development services for individuals and groups range from idea inception through the final stages of editing.

Our staff is available to lead teams of faculty and administrators in selecting targets for large institutional initiatives, refining their focus, organizing reviews as needed and formatting the resulting proposal to ensure agency guidelines are met.

We also offer guidance to individual researchers through grantsmanship training, and provide copy editing and proofreading for proposals before they are submitted.

  • Faculty Fellows
    • Patricia R. DeLucia, Ph.D. serves as Faculty Fellow I for the Office of the Vice President for Research where she is responsible for faculty award nominations and recognition opportunities.
    • Guy Loneragan, Ph.D. serves as Faculty Fellow II for the Office of Vice President for Research where he is responsible for international research opportunities.
  • Research Development Team
Texas Tech Faculty at early Career Investigator Forum