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Ambassador Program

The purpose of the WGS Ambassador Program is for WGS minors to increase their engagement with the WGS, to promote the WGS program and to offer ideas to keep improving the program. A WGS Ambassador is a visible leader and a strong liaison for WGS and for TTU.

Ambassadors will be required to attend a meeting with the Ambassador Coordinator, every other week (M-F, 10am – 5pm) during the spring semester in the Women's & Gender Studies Office in Doak Hall 123. We will work with your class and extracurricular schedule in order for you to fulfill the meeting requirements. During this time you will be working on various projects related to the office's mission, creating promotional materials, and developing outreach plans to increase the visibility of Women's and Gender Studies and the enrollment of minors. 

• Must be a declared an Undergraduate or a Graduate Student in Women's & Gender Studies.
• Minimum of a 3.00 GPA.
• Attend semi-monthly meeting
• Attend a minimum of 3 WGS events/ programs in the capacity of an Ambassador.
* The Annual Women's & Gender Studies Conference will be mandatory, the other 2 events will be chosen from a list of events for the given semester.
• Ambassadors will be expected to participate in publicizing the Women's and Gender Studies minor through, for example, classroom visitations in addition to event requirements.
• Ambassadors are encouraged to bring their individual skills and ideas to the program!
• Anticipated time-commitment: a total of approximately 12-16 hours per semester (Fall/Spring) Summer hours may increase pending RRO Resource Fair needs.


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WGS Advisory Board/Council

The purpose of the WGS Council is to advise the Director of the program and enable all members of the University community to participate in and be informed about the Women's Studies Program.