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Agriculture: We Can Sustain It

Socializing Agriculture

Painter of Quiet Places

An Apple a Day

Sustaining the Four Sixes

Hitting Pay Dirt


The New Face of Agriculture

The Winds of Change

Avatars Animate Agriculture

Professors in Training

Going Green

Saving Lives One Plan at a Time


Protecting Our Food

Quality Cells, Consumer Buys

Tech's New Mate

Micro ZAP

Food Saftey in Mexico


Expanding Opportunities

No Bits About It

The Family Farm Fire Man

Around the World with CASNR

Live From Texas Tech


Looking Forward

Getting Schooled

A Cotton Senstaion

Living and Learning

More Than a Trophy


Online Exclusives

Alumni Lance Barnett: Unpeeled

Agricultural Education and CommunicationDepartment Shines in 2010

CSI: Classroom Soil Investigation

Facing Nature


Healing Hooves

Parking and Partying in Style

Raider Red Meats

Standing TALL

Tech Takes Flight

West Texas Cotton Goes Global




A Cotton Sensation

By Madelon Osborne


In the College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources at Texas Tech University, students pride themselves for being a small college that is very unique. With support from others and enthusiasm about the college, the CASNR Student Services Center decided to create a distinctive cotton T-shirt specifically for CASNR.

Rachel Bobbitt, coordinator of student programs, is responsible for sales and final design of the T-shirt. Bobbitt said when the shirts first started they were created to promote the college. But since the shirts have become so popular, it’s now a service to the students to provide the shirts.

“CASNR shirts are a great thing for our college,” Bobbitt said. “I believe having shirts keeps the student retention rate up in the college, versus using the T-shirts as a recruiting tool.”

Bobbitt said because the college is so small, having T-shirts adds awareness and students are able to represent themselves.

This year’s T-shirt portrays Raider Red on the front with the college name, and the back is a reflection of the front.

As Texas Tech continues to grow enrollment and strive for tier one status, T-shirts are able to help this mission become one step closer by striving to promote and represent their organizations and colleges.