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Parking and Partying in Style

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West Texas Cotton Goes Global





Parking and Partying in Style

By Jackson McGraw


For those who have not been to Lubbock recently, the skyline has recently changed, especially near the football stadium. With the opening of the 2010-2011 Texas Tech University football season, fans watched the Red Raiders take the field in a new expanded version of Jones AT&T Stadium. Over the past year, Texas Tech has added a new luxury suite section to the east side of the stadium to now match the west side. With the completion of the construction, the stadium now has a complete bowl-shape.

However, this is not the only new addition to the Jones AT&T Stadium area. Under the leadership of former Texas Tech graduate, Clayton Isom, an outstanding new 1,500 spot parking garage has been built directly north of the stadium. The 11-story structure is more than just an average parking garage.

“I wanted to own some real estate in this area of Lubbock,” said Isom, “but I just needed to find a reasonable and practical way to go about it.”

The floor level of the parking garage contains a variety of different retail stores. Additionally, a sports bar and grill is located on the southeast corner for fans to enjoy. From the sports bar, fans are able to ride one of two elevators to the eleventh story, where there is a state-of-the-art rooftop restaurant. Once on top of the parking garage, fans can enjoy the new 16,000-square foot rooftop bar and grill. One of the most unique aspects of this facility is fans can see right into the Jones AT&T Stadium. The rooftop bar and grill offers guests not only a wonderful view for Texas Tech football games, but great views of Lubbock in general. This new structure offers a great alternative for people who want to watch the game from a luxury suite without having to spend the money to do so.

With the addition of the new parking garage, fans have the convenience of parking right next to the stadium. Students will also be able to purchase parking passes for non-game days during the regular school year as well.

When Isom purchased the eight-acre piece of real estate, he also had plans to build a high-quality student housing facility. He sold a section of land to a real estate company, Asset Plus. The real estate company is in the process of building a high-end student housing facility called 25-Twenty. This complex will include 260 high quality units for students to live in and still be close to the Texas Tech campus. Students who live in 25-Twenty will have the option of purchasing parking permits for in the new parking garage. A sky bridge will connect the apartments to the parking garage.

Also part of Isom’s real estate project, Merrill Lynch will be building a 16,000 square foot office building in this area. When completed, it will be the tallest building in Lubbock.
There are many wonderful changes occurring around Jones AT&T Stadium that students, faculty, alumni and residents of Lubbock will be able to benefit from and enjoy. The new parking garage offers an additional place to eat, drink and enjoy a Texas Tech football game. It also gives Texas Tech students another useful option for parking during the school year as well as for game days.