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Journal of Animal Science web link that includes the style and form details

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A list of brains of various animals. Most domestic mammals are in the Order Artiodactyla, meaning even-toed ungulates. This includes pigs, cattle and sheep. Horses are in the order Perissodactyla or odd-toed animals. On this link, look at the brains of the dolphin, pig, bovine, horse, rat and human (at least). This page also has interesting pages on brain circuitry and development.

Nervous system and muscle movement have been described in a movie format by Kattesh, Sims and Henry at the University of Tennessee. Some of the movies are found at links given here. You must have a Windows Media player to view these movies.

For anatomy and function of the human heart, see the link. The site also has some peripheral circulatory anatomy of the human.

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