Texas Tech University

John J. McGlone


  • Professor and Institutional Official
  • Former Director, Pork Industry Institute
  • Former Director, Animal Care Services
  • Former Director, Institute for Comparative and Experimental Medicine
  • Department of Animal and Food Science
  • Former Joint Appointment in Department of Cell Biology & Anatomy

Texas Tech University
Lubbock, Texas 79409-2141

Personal Information

John McGlone grew up in New York City and on Long Island, New York. He attended Washington State University where he received his B.S. and M.S. in 1977 and 1979 in Animal Science with a minor in Neuroscience. He then traveled to the University of Illinois, in the heart of pig country where he received his PhD in 1981 in Animal Science with a minor in Neural and Behavioral Biology. His research interests are in the science of animal welfare ranging from appropriate housing and production systems for pigs to brain and immune mechanisms underlying stress

Dr. McGlone's first faculty appointment was at the University of Wyoming in 1981 where he was the first Frank Guggenheim Fellow awarded to an Animal Scientist for studies of pig behavior and physiology. His second faculty position began three years later at Texas Tech University where he has been for the past 28 years. He is also Director of the Pork Industry Institute (PII) and in 2008 became Director of the new Institute of Comparative and Experimental Medicine (ICEM).

He was appointed Director of Animal Care Services and Institutional Official for Animal Care and Use in January, 2007. In 2007, he was names Institutional Official for the TTU campus Animal Care Program. In this role the Animal Care and Use Committee, Veterinarians and animal care staff report to him. He currently chairs the FASS Scientific Advisory Committee for Animal Care. His former graduate students hold key faculty positions at major agricultural universities.

He maintains an active research and teaching program in farm animal welfare, behavior and physiology, and graduate student training. Current research projects involve pigs, horses, dogs, cats, rats, and mice in studies related to gestation sow housing, pig transport, pheromones for behavioral therapy and animal models of human disease. Dr. McGlone is involved in community programs to feed and minister to the poor. He has two grown daughters and two grandsons.

Research Interests

Behavior, neuroscience, welfare, immunology, stress physiology & behavior, pheromones in pigs and other animals.


Laboratory of Animal Behavior, Physiology and Welfare