Texas Tech University

Frequent Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q. What is the main goal of the TTU ROTC Program?
    To create adaptive, agile, and innovative second lieutenants for all components of the Total Army and the vast majority of the Army Nurse mission.
  • Q. By enrolling in ROTC, are you joining the Army?
    No, students who enroll in ROTC are not joining the Army.
  • Q. Is ROTC like "boot camp"?
    No, all students who enroll in ROTC are college students in pursuit of a degree; overall academics and GPA are the top priorities with all students enrolled in the ROTC program.
  • Q. What can students expect to learn by taking ROTC?
    Students who enroll in ROTC will benefit from learned leadership and management skills that can enhance either a civilian career or a career in the Military.
  • Q. Is there a military obligation during college?
    ROTC classes are open for all students enrolled in the University with no obligation to serve in the Military (not applicable to Armed Forces scholarship winners)
  • Q. Does the Army ROTC program offer scholarships?
    Yes, students enrolled in the program may compete for the opportunity to earn a scholarship with the understanding that a service obligation in the Army will be required.
  • Q. On what basis are scholarships awarded?
    ROTC scholarships are not awarded based on financial needs, but rather on a merit system. Merit may be exhibited through academic achievement (GPA), extracurricular activities (sports, campus groups/clubs, volunteer work, etc.) or class participation.