Texas Tech University

Bo Zhao

Bo Zhao, PhD                                  Office: ESB112E

Research scientist/graduate faculty

Email: bo.zhao@ttu.edu      Phone:806-834-0345

Dr. Zhao is an enthusiastic Electron Microscopist who has a strong materials science and instrumentation background with an emphasis on structure-property relationship evaluation. She is an expert in applying various EM techniques to characterize materials. 


SEM: SE imaging, BSE imaging, Variable Pressure/environmental SEM, cathodoluminescence, cryo-SEM.

TEM: bright field, dark field, HRTEM, diffraction

FIB/GIS: TEM lamella sample preparation, 3D tomography, patterning

EDS/EBSD: qualitative and quantitative composition analysis, elemental mapping, crystallography mapping, grain size, strain, crystal orientation analysis. 

Automation/Data analysis: Large area mapping of SE/BSE/EDS/EBSD, size distribution of particles, pores, etc. 

Miscellaneous: Failure analysis, sample preparation techniques, light microscope, etc. 


College of Arts and Sciences Microscopy