Texas Tech University

Welcome to ChEGSA!

The Chemical Engineering Graduate Student Organization (ChEGSA) is a student-run organization that represents the interests of graduate students in the Department of Chemical Engineering at Texas Tech University. We offer a supportive environment that fosters academic growth, professional development, and social engagement. By providing diverse resources, including career workshops, social gatherings, academic support, ChEGSA aims to enhance the graduate student experience, ensuring members are well-equipped for their academic and professional pursuits.

Joining ChEGSA empowers students to connect, learn, and thrive within a vibrant academic community tailored to their needs.

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Facilitate a supportive community among Chemical Engineering graduate students, nurturing collaboration, academic growth, and professional development. 


To be the driving force that empowers Chemical Engineering graduate students, creating a dynamic and inclusive community where every member thrives academically, professionally, and personally.