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The lessons and challenges in this course provide an introduction to LEGO robotics using the LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3 kits. Absolutely no prior robotics or programming knowledge is required. The course starts with an overview of items in the kits and robot design suggestions, then gives an overview of the programming environment, then explores the usage of motors and sensors. While the course videos use the new LEGO EV3 kits, all challenges can also be accomplished with the older LEGO NXT kits.

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This course was developed during the summer and fall of 2014 through funds provided by the Halliburton Education Foundation. It was offered during Fall 2014 as an online course for coaches participating in the Texas Tech Get Excited About Robotics (GEAR) competition or the Texas Computer Educator Association (TCEA) robotics competition in Lubbock.

Videos and challenges for this course were developed in collaboration with Guthrie Virtual School. Special thanks goes to Darren Wilson and his daughter, Laura, for the creation of the video content.

Lessons and Challenges

Getting Started

Weekly Challenges