Texas Tech University

Challenge 1: "Sort & Build"


Expected Learning Outcomes:

  • Be able to name LEGO pieces and keep them organized inside the tub
  • Have software installed and ready to use
  • Build a standard EV3 or NXT robot according to instructions
  • Know how to charge your robot

Materials Needed (per group of three students):

  • One LEGO NXT or EV3 kit
  • One computer with NXT or EV3 software installed
  • Space (one table per group or plenty of floor space)

Approximate Time Needed (depends on age group):

  • 30 minutes to one hour for sorting the kit
  • 30 minutes to two hours for building the robot

Challenge Tasks:

  1. Open your LEGO kits and sort the pieces into the correct bins. Click here for tips.
  2. Learn the names of the LEGO pieces in your kit. Click here for tips.
  3. Build a robot that has two drive wheels. Click here for tips.