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Young Guns is an organization for recent Texas Tech engineering alumni focused on providing industry feedback to the dean, giving back time and resources to the Whitacre College of Engineering, and serving as a resource for connecting recent engineering alumni.

Who We Are

As a member of Young Guns, you will get the opportunity to be a part of something special and unique to the Whitacre College of Engineering and help build the foundation of this newly formed organization.

Young Guns members enjoy many of the following benefits:

  • Interaction with the dean and provide feedback
  • Opportunities to network with other Young Guns
  • Opportunities to volunteer and give back to the community
  • Exclusive discount for membership in the Engineering Key Society
  • Opportunities to develop your career through professional development events
  • Opportunities to enhance the image of Texas Tech and its engineering alumni
  • Leadership opportunities to serve in committees and the board
  • Opportunities to raise funds to give back to Texas Tech
  • Opportunities to mentor or receive mentoring from industry peers


Young Guns' mission is to provide a vehicle for recent engineering alumni of the Whitacre College of Engineering to compile industry feedback for the dean, to encourage involvement by giving back time and resources to the college, and to serve as a resource for networking and professional development.

Young Guns

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To find out about upcoming events in your area, send an email to wcoe.youngguns@ttu.eduwith your contact information to receive invitations for events in your area.


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Young Guns Bylaws

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