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Planning Your Academic Career ugrad support

Choosing a major can be a difficult process, especially if your interests aren't limited to a specific area. After all, your choice of degree will play a large role in the job you get when you graduate. There's no reason to worry, however. Our dedicated Advisors and Support Staff can help you plan for your future. From scheduling the right classes, to ensuring that you're happy with your choice of major, we can help you make the most of your time at the Whitacre College of Engineering.

Making the Grade

Attending college can be a bit overwhelming. Between a part-time job, a full-time class load, and spending some time relaxing, the life of a student gets pulled in several different directions. Sometimes, this can make it hard to keep up. After all, Thermodynamics and Calculus aren't exactly easy subjects. That's why the Whitacre College of Engineering provides free Tutoring in mathematics, sciences, and freshman and sophomore level engineering courses. In addition, several student organizations and departments provide free tutoring to their students. At Texas Tech, we take care of our students and provide the support necessary to help you earn the grades that you deserve.

Landing Your Dream Job

Searching for a new job can take up as much time as a full-time job. When you add that to everything else going on in your senior year, the stress can really pile up. We're here to help you. The combination of our innovative online Job Grid and our biannual Engineering Job Fair allows us to bring potential employers to you. That's not all. Our Engineering Opportunities Center hosts workshops and events to give you tips on your résumé, job searching, and interviewing as well as help finding an internship or co-op so that you can have an extra edge as graduation approaches. To find out more about all the services offered by the Engineering Opportunities Center, visit the EOC pages.

Engineering IT Services

For information on computing resources available in the college, including advice on what computer to purchase for academic studies in engineering at Texas Tech, visit the Engineering IT Services page.