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Red Raider Orientation Information

The Texas Tech University Red Raider Orientation experience is set to help you get acquainted with both TTU and your new department, the Edward E. Whitacre Jr. College of Engineering (WCOE)! Orientation starts well before your orientation date and includes completing online learning modules from the RRO Office and a WCOE Checklist. We want to provide you with the best experience on orientation day and to help smooth your transition into engineering we have created this website for you to explore and gathered a list of items to complete before your RRO date. Check out the WCOE Checklist HERE and for more information from the RRO Office visit the Texas Tech Red Raider Orientation homepage.


Welcome to the Whitacre College of Engineering!

Department and Advising Websites

Department Chemical Engineering (CHE) Advising
Department Civil, Environmental, and Construction Engineering (CECE) Advising
Department Computer Science (CS) Advising
Department Electrical & Computer Engineering (ECE) Advising
Department Mechanical Engineering (ME) Advising
Department Industrial, Manufacturing and Systems Engineering (IMSE) Advising
Department Petroleum Engineering (PE) Advising

Meet the WCOE Advisors

Advising Leadership

Undergraduate Advisors

Success Specialists


Undergraduate WCOE Resources

The EOC through the ConocoPhillips Engineering Enrichment Center (CPEEC) offers a connection to Mentor Programs and Communities you should join! These include:

FIRST Mentor Program
LYFE Mentor Program
WCOE Women in Engineering Community
Active Military and Veterans Community
Hot Topic Huddles

To sign up and/or find out more about CPEEC opportunities click the link below

Questions? Email eoc.coe@ttu.edu


Global Experience
The WCOE teaches a global perspective through participation in the highly encouraged Global Experience program. Global Experience has four different abroad program options: study, internships, research, and service. Check out their website to explore all they offer.

Questions? Email iep.coe@ttu.edu


Most incoming students receive scholarships directly from the TTU Scholarships office since the majority of WCOE scholarships require a GPA. There are, however, a few WCOE scholarships targeted to incoming students. If you qualified for these, you would have received an email from our scholarships committee about accepting your WCOE award.

To find out more about TTU Scholarships follow the link below

For Questions regarding WCOE scholarships, email the WCOE scholarship committee at scholarships.coe@ttu.edu


Career Services
The WCOE offers two job fairs each year at the beginning of each long semester! Moreover, to help you get ready for each of these opportunities, workshops to sharpen your soft skills are offered regularly. Follow the link below to learn more.

Questions? Email coe.careers@ttu.edu


Learning Communities
University Student Housing describes LCs as "unique and transformative communities where students seeking similar academic goals can live, learn, and play together." These have Community Advisors that offer tailored programming for students to meet the needs of the community members. TTU has 18 LCs and of these 2 are focused on STEM Majors (links below). You can learn more about Learning Communities at the University Student Housing home page

Women in Science & Engineering (WISE) – KNAPP

Students of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) - BLEDSOE/SNEED
Buying the Right Computer
Getting the right computer to support your studies doesn't have to be stressful. We have a top-notch IT team that has detailed their recommendations on laptop specifications and laptops to make it easy. If you have questions reach out to Marty Ledesma, Director of IT, Engineering IT Services at Marty.Ledesma@ttu.edu

STEM Outreach Program
The Whitacre College of Engineering Outreach Program is committed to developing and supporting the implementation of high quality and innovative STEM programming for K-12 students, teachers and the community through engagement, education, and communication about the importance of STEM. Texas Tech University students play a pivotal role by mentoring, volunteering and serving students through this program. If you would like to participate in future please click on the link below to learn more.
 Engineering RRO To-Dos
      Complete these before your RRO session to not experience delays when enrolling in classes.
  • Complete all RRO modules
  • Complete TSI  requirements/testing as soon as possible
  • Take the Math Placement Exam         
  • Take the Chemistry Placement Exam 
  • Check your TTU email for advisor correspondence and/or emails from the EOC (Engineering Opportunities Center)
  • Read the WCOE Expectations
  • Review your Degreeworks  and bring syllabi for courses that did not transfer correctly (if any)
  • Send official Community College Transcripts to TTU as well as AP, IB, and CLEP scores
  • Send HS transcript to TTU (both transfer and first time in college students should submit)
  • Turn in any information needed by housing, SBS, Financial aid, and/or Student Health Services
  • Have holds removed or postponed
  • Complete the FERPA form online via the student dashboard in raider link to provide access to your academic information to those that need this. For further information on FERPA, please visit the registrar's website https://www.depts.ttu.edu/registrar/FERPA/
  • WCOE Expectations Agreement Form