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Advising and Registration

Advanced Registration

Advance registration for upcoming semesters occurs in November for the Spring, Summer I, and Summer II semesters and in April for the Fall semester. All industrial engineering students will need to be advised by their assigned advisor before they will be allowed to register. The advisors' offices are in IMSE 232.

Students will receive an email through Strive with a link to obtain the adivising instructions. Also all students will receive a packet approximately one week before advising begins. The packet includes:

  • The student's personal worksheet showing classes completed with grades and the assigned advisor's name
  • The student's personal degree audit

Students make an appointment with their advisor using Strive. The advisor will write the student's classes to register for on a two−part sheet; one copy for the student, and one copy to be retained in the student's file. After the student has been advised, the hold will be removed and any permits needed will be placed on the Banner system. Students are instructed to not deviate from their assigned courses for registration without the consent of their advisor. Students who deviate will be dropped from the courses they were not advised to take, and a hold will be placed on the Banner system, prompting the student to return for more advising.

Advising Information

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